Toronto indie duo YSSY (say: “yessy”) makes vivid, synthy alt-pop that’s throwback-tinted and refreshing all at once. Comprised of singer-songwriter/producer Elliot Caroll and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simeon Abbott, the pair met on a first date and immediately bonded over a shared love of modern pop sounds and classic songcraft. Within months, they cemented their musical partnership and built a studio together.

Caroll began her career as a recording artist in her teens, later honing her craft in Los Angeles, working with eminent writers and producers. Abbott, a jazz-trained pianist, brings the genre-bending versatility he displays as the keyboardist for renowned music collective Dwayne Gretzky. The resulting music from their collaboration as YSSY is as catchy as it is thoughtful, seamlessly blending earworm-worthy hooks with signature retro-tinged sounds.

On their debut release, The Way It Was (2020), the duo hints at varied influences like Y2K-era Max Martin, ABBA, Bruce Hornsby, 90s power pop, and the most creative corners of contemporary radio. At once polished and genuine, the EP is an introduction to a band that’s rapidly making their mark, with national airplay on CBC Radio and Radio One. YSSY’s 80s synthwave rendition of the “The Mandalorian” theme has racked up over 3 million views on YouTube, garnering buzz and new listeners across the globe. True to their tradition of wasting no time, YSSY is back in the studio with their full-length album due out in the fall of 2021.

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The Way It Was

Friday, February 14, 2020

1. At Least We Know
2. Sooner
3. Burn My House Down
4. 90s Crush
5. How to Fall Out of Love
6. You Stay I Stay



“Catchy piano-centric pop”
Surviving the Golden Age

“Toronto's YSSY feels like it's brimming with ideas on ['At Least We Know']. There's a number of slick, vintage synth-pop sounds blended together for maximum coolness...”

“['Sooner'] radiates pop vibes from the early 2000s that transports you into a classic love story ... you won't be able to stop yourself from putting the tune on repeat.”
Music Update Central

“Upbeat synths and relatable lyrics ... will have fans dancing and singing along after the first chorus.”
Musical Notes Global

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