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Spruce Sound is a songwriting + production team, private studio, and independent record label based in downtown Toronto. From original composition for commercial projects to working directly with artists — our passion is creating beautiful sound that cuts through the noise.

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Elliot Caroll

Elliot Caroll is a producer, songwriter, singer, and voiceover performer. A graduate of Toronto’s Claude Watson Arts Program, she started her music career as a teenage recording artist and actor. Elliot honed her craft in Los Angeles alongside veteran writers and producers, and received her formal education in media and audio production from Ryerson University with a B.A., Radio and Television Arts. Elliot has voiced, sung, and composed for radio and TV commercials, industrial videos, educational materials, toys, and more.


Simeon Abbott

Simeon Abbott is a producer, multi‑instrumentalist, and composer. Simeon began his professional career in 2006 after graduating from the Humber College Jazz program, working with musicians across a variety of genres, from free improv to indie rock to Ethiopop. Notable live performances include CBC Radio’s Q, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, TVO, TFO, Jason Collett’s Basement Revue, and eminent music festivals across the continent. When he’s not in the studio, Simeon plays keys, records, and tours with his band Dwayne Gretzky.